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The Nanukopter is an Ultra-Portable, Waterproof Rugged Drone

We love quadcopters, they are so much fun and really useful tools as well. But most are very large, really delicate, or both. We are developing an easy to build, simple to repair craft that can fit in the glovebox of a car or small bag. We give you: the "Nanukopter".

The Nanukopter is a highly unique craft built on the famous Nanuk range of waterproof rugged cases. In the summer of 2015 we became the first people in the world to turn a rugged Pelican Case into a quadcopter. With the aptly names Pelicopter. Now we're back with something even better, using the incredible Nanuk case we aim to achieve a highly sophisticated craft in an easy to build and repair kit that anyone can build and fly.


Ideal for the hobbyist, photographer, in agriculture and the emergency services, this versatile craft has some great features in an incredibly small size.

Development History

December 9th - 2014


August 25th - 2015


April 4th - 2016


August 10th - 2016


September 23 - 2016

Building a Rugged Drone - Oh dear, we’re pretty terrible at flying these things, the slightest bump...


The PeliHeli returns! - The flexible frame we had for the original flying Pelicase last year just wasn’t...


Birth of a Nanukopter - It’s been sometime since we’ve had an update on the PeliHeli, and after...


The Nanukcopter gets arms - The design evolves and improves as time goes on. We’ve now got...


Packing it all in - We love this little case, it’s a really enjoyable platform for building a drone on. But...

The world's first flying

Peli Micro 1020 Case

The world's first flying

Peli Micro 1010 Case

The world's first flying

Nanuk 320 Nano Case

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